What’s the ultimate flyrod ?

In the relentless pursuit of perfection, tools become increasingly specialized, tailored to specific purposes much like life forms diversifying and spreading as they adapt to their environments. This is true for fly rods, which ought to be individually tailored to the fishing environment and the angler’s physique, representing one aspect of their ultimate form. However, from a functionality perspective, there are common elements inherent in all fly rods. Just as all blades, regardless of their purpose, share the common function of cutting, fly rods are destined to control the variable lengths of fly line.
OCTAGON has harmoniously united this individuality and versatility through entirely new rod-making technology. The ‘Vertical Crawler’, our uniquely developed rod shaft milling machine, unleashes the full potential of solid carbon. This innovation realizes multi-faceted cutting of long solid carbon, enabling the creation of complex, multi-staged tapers and inverse tapers, and any other design imaginable. The precision of our numerically controlled, individually milled process accurately meets every unique demand.
Solid carbon, in itself, is not a novel material. Yet, its fusion with our groundbreaking processing technology has opened doors to unprecedented possibilities in fly rods. In the vectors of exploration and progress lies the essence of fly fishing. Once you experience OCTAGON, a fly rod of such compelling gravity that you can never go back to the past, you’ll understand its true essence.


Crafting a rod is but one step in the process leading to the capture of fish – a means to an end. Yet, over time, this means transformed into an end in itself, consuming a significant part of my life.
It goes without saying, fly fishing transforms the entire process surrounding the act of fishing into a joyous endeavor. It’s a delightfully intricate and positive pursuit. For me, this fly fishing mindset and behavior have become the core of all my aesthetic sensibilities and judgments. Rod making is the culmination of this journey.
For an angler, the rod is an extension of oneself. It is more than a mere functional tool; it is a vessel for the soul. The impulse to create my rods sprang from my reluctance to settle for mass-produced industrial standards as the containers for my soul.
At SOLID, our aim is not just to manufacture and sell fly rods as products. We aspire to create opportunities and spaces for anglers to craft their rods. With this, I hope to bring a positive stimulus to the endangered state of fly fishing in Japan.
So Maruyama